How to Develop

The City of Duarte desires quality development and has set a goal of making the local development process as clear and understandable as possible.   We are always happy to assist you with questions and advice on how to develop and maintain your property to meet the requirements set out in the Town Center Specific Plan. The following is a general guide on how to use the plan when you want to do work in the area: 

Step 1 – Find Out What Land Use District Applies to Your Property.


  • Locate your project location on Figure 3-1 (Page 3-8) to determine which district the property is located in. 
  • Review Section 3.2.1 Town Center Land Use Designations for land use descriptions and Section 3.3 for Allowable Land Uses to identify what uses are allowed.


Step 2 – Review the Development Area Plans, Tables and Maps.


  • Review the Building Form Standards in Table 3-2 (Page 3-23) to determine the form standards for the property. 
  • Make yourself aware of the Development Bonuses available with the Development Standard Tiers explained on page 3-16. The bonus requirements are a bit complicated and we recommend that you contact a planner for clarification, if needed.


Step 3 – Review the Development Standards and Design Guidelines.


  • Review Section 3-6 Development Standards and Chapter 4 Design Guidelines to better understand the building standards and desired design elements. 
  • Make sure to also review the Mobility Chapter and Infrastructure Chapter. For larger developments, there may be the need to address some off-site issues.


Step 4 – Speak with a Planner.


  • Go to City Hall at 1600 Huntington Drive during normal business hours or call the Planning Department at 626-357-7931 and we will help you understand the plan and how to use it.


Step 5 – Follow the Appropriate Application Process.


  • Review Section 7-3 Specific Plan Administration and also the City’s Development Code to best understand the process. 
  • Submit your complete application to the Planning Department.  All projects are subject to the City’s Site Plan and Design Review Process and review by the City’s Architectural Review Board. The process is clear, quick and fair with the goal of ensuring the best possible outcome for everyone.


If you have any questions or just need some assistance, contact the Planning Department at 626-357-7931.