Imagine: Duarte Town Center

Take a look at photo-simulations of potential future developments within the Town Center. These examples show options for what would be allowed under the new zoning regulations, as well as proposed streetscape improvements.


Photosimulation 1

Photo simulation #1

Buena Vista at Huntington

The intersection of Buena Vista Street and Huntington Drive represents a major gateway into the Town Center. In this artist’s rendering, a plaza is framed by new retail buildings, complemented by streetscape improvements.

Photosimulation 2

Photo simulation #2

Huntington at Brycedale

This vacant lot has the potential to develop into a well-designed “mixed-use” building, with active ground-floor shops and residential homes above.

Photosimulation 3

Photo simulation #3

Huntington at Highland

The Duarte Town Center Specific Plan provides incentives for enhancements to existing buildings, as well as development of new structures.